Spice Up Your Dish 


Our blend of spices are carefully handpicked to give you the robust fresh  flavor your dish needs. 

More Testimonials:

"I used it as a base on my salmon and O-M-G! The flavors layered so well. Amazing seasoning!"

-Sheever Wright- Jones (Associate Accountant)

"I'm very funny about my food and spices. Well I have to say, I tried a spice an amazing person I know launched and gotten me to try something new and my family and I absolutely LOVE it!" 

-Sabrina Hughes Pegross (NFL Wife of Pearce Pegross, board member of NFL Sister's in Service)

"I tried Aniras Spices on chicken and it was sooo good!!! Make sure you check it out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!!"

- Candy Grimes  (Wife and Mother) 

"I used Aniras Spices for my Keto dinner on my meatballs and zucchini noodles! Bon Appetit! Thanks for this DELICIOUS seasoning."

-Clarissa Washington (Interior Decorator) 

"Tonight we went really simple and used Aniras Spices to make rice bowls with spinach and ground  Chicken. Let me tell y'all.... I wasn't expecting this delicious flavor explosion! (In fact, Andrew didn't add ANY sauce to his meal because of how good it is (and he put Frank's Red Hot on EVERYTHING!) I already have chicken breast coated in it marinating for tomorrow! I feel like we are going to see some bottles in the spice aisle of Publix soon!"

-Julia Keever Melucci   

"This gal got it going on in the spices world I put that S*&^ on EVERYTHING!"

-Andrew James 


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"I cooked with Aniras Spices for my husband for work and he asked me if I did something different with the chicken? Told me it was really good. I will be ordering more!

-Shawwana Boyer (Ms. World International)

"OMG! This seasoning is off the charts!!! I'm trying to think of words to describe it and can't! I even put a little into our green beans with turkey bacon! I made our chicken in the air fryer for that extra crispy texture! It's really good in rice too!"
-Gina Hill (Realtor)

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"Your seasoning is everything! My family loved it. I have to order more."

-Romonda Jordan ( NFL Wife of Washington Red Skins coach Randy Jordan and Philanthropist)

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"The flavor is so amazing! I love it!"

-Ashley Peterson (NFL wife of Adrian Peterson and Owner of Elizabella Cosmetics